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All services are FREE and open to any educational staff, parent, or student.

Professional Development


Need Training and Earn CLUs?


LATI provides in-depth trainings on specific areas of AT that are designed for newcomers as well as experienced professionals looking to expand their perspective of AT.  These trainings are offered at the centers, in the districts and online.  To register for a training, go to Coursewhere.  If you wish to host a training for your district, contact your local AT center, or click here.



AT Assessment Assistance


Need Help With An AT Assessment?


LATI provides assistance designed to help school systems conduct their own AT assessments to identify the AT needs of individual students and choose the appropriate AT tools.  This assistance involves hands-on modeling, coaching and training through the entire assessment process.  To request an AT Assessment Assistance, click here.





Need Help With A Specific Student?


LATI provides consultative services aimed at identifying the appropriate AT needs of individual students.  These services include observation, teacher/staff interviews, evaluation of current AT (if any), implementation of new AT and follow up. Either the electronic or paper copy must be complete before staff can interact with student. 

Online Forms 

Request for Student Consultation       

Guardian/Parent Permission Form

Downloadable Forms

Request for Consultation (download, fill out, scan, and e-mail to jodi@nwatcenter.com)

Parent Permission Form (download, fill out, scan, and e-mail to jodi@nwatcenter.com)

        Requesting Classroom Consultation?


Our classroom consultative services provide suggestions and support for teachers to universally design their environment, instruction, and assessment to reach the needs of multiple learners.  Form must be completed prior to our visit.  

Online Forms 

Request for Classroom Consultation       


Technical Assistance


        Need Any Type Of Help?


LATI provides support for school staff, parents, agencies and individuals that is designed to address implementation of AT strategies and devices, as well as difficulties with hardware and software.  This assistance is provided through phone calls, emails, face-to-face and this website. Click here to request technical assistance. 

Online Forms 

Request for On-Site Technical Assistance

Downloadable Forms

Request for On-Site Technical Assistance (download, fill out, scan, and e-mail to jodi@nwatcenter.com)


Short-Term Equipment Loans


        Need Tools To Try With Your Students?


LATI provides, at no cost, a wide variety of AT devices, equipment, software and professional development materials to school personnel in order to improve access to AT. The library is designed to provide short-term (4 weeks) loans of AT for conducting assessments, a trial basis implementation and professional development.  This program is not intended to provide long-term use of equipment either for student specific or classroom use

Online Forms 

Request for Short-Term Equipment Loan

Downloadable Forms

Request for Short-Term Equipment (download, fill out, and e-mail to jodi@nwatcenter.com)


NWATC Regional Needs Assessment 2018-2019

              Online Forms 

NWATC Yearly Regional Needs Assessment

Need Help understanding AT and a loan library? Take a few minutes to view videos below. 

Understanding Assistive Technology Simply Said - YouTube.mp4

Understanding Assistive Technology Loan Libraries Simply Said - YouTube.mp4

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